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map: Egerland

Egerland - Homeland

"At the Eger river strand, there lies my beautiful homeland". These are Ernst Mosch's lyrics in his song 'Mondschein an der Eger'. And furthermore he raves of "darkgreen forests with blooming flowers".

Yes, the Egerland, borderland at the edge of Ore Mountains, is beautiful in many ways. Bohemians, Bajuwarics, Czechs and Austrians still call this area home influencing the country's culture since many generations.

Nowadays, when talking of the Egerland you first think about the famous spas Karlsbad, Marienbad, and Franzensbad with it's fantastic facades. But Egerland means much more. It covers areas of the Upper Palatinate Forest, the borderlands of the western Ore Mountains, the Slavkov Forest with TeplŠ Highlands, the Falkenau Basin, and the Duppau Mountains with precipitous table mountains.

image: Elbogen Castle
Elbogen Castle
These areas harbor great monuments of nature, e.g. the bizarre granite Hans-Kreiling-Rocks, or the pristine woods and brawling waterfalls of the Slavkov Forest. Not to mention cultural relics as there are Elbogen Castle, the Palaces Veltrusy, Chiesch, and Bekov, the Emperor Castle, and the ruins of Eger, ancient city of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. Or look at numerous pilgrimage churches or the massive monastery complexes of Kladrau and TeplŠ. You have to combine all this to discover charm and diversity of the Egerland.
image: Kladrau Abbey
Library at Kladrau Abbey

Typical, too, are large four-sided courtyards with artful wooden framework and stately granaries showing the apparent affluence of the Frankonian settlers. In addition, the textile industry, coal mining, and porcelaine manufactures offered pathways to prosperity.

But most of all, Egerlandians built wonderful instruments. Home worker or small enterprises crafted distinguished quality and their horns, trumpets, and trombones were highly valued, even beyond the border, and delivered worldwide.

Remark: Before World War II the Egerland had 800,000 German citizens in 857 communities. Today the Egerland is part of the Czech Republic. Since expulsion in 1945 there are only a few thousand ethnic Germans left.

image: Egerland's porcelain
Egerland's porcelain




image: Veltrusy Palace
Veltrusy Palace
image: Karlsbad
image: Franzensbad
image: Marienbad





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