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A special thank you to the below people and businesses whose pictures or essays made our website more interesting. Efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, however absolute validity cannot be guaranteed.

Ernst Mosch / Personality
Text using an essay by Horst Lietzberg
Horst Lietzberg from Lüneburg, Germany, is one of the most renowned German journalists. He worked in Berlin, New York and Hamburg. Lietzberg is a freelance editor for daily newspapers, magazines and TV. He is chief editor of German "medien-report".

Ernst Mosch / Music
Text using an prologue by Gerhard Schilling
Gerhard Schilling is contributer to the Hesse Broadcast

Ernst Mosch Pictures
All pictures are the sole property of Mosch Musikverlag oHG, Karl Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen und Ralf Wilschewski

Egerland Pictures

By ACR Alfa, Czech Republic




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